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These days consumers are always unsure whether the garment they are buying is authentic as the market is laden with counterfeits of the original brands, be it in fabric or garments. Hence, manufacturers are always in the look out for so solutions that could ensure the authenticity of their products.

Our unique plastic seal tags come with a special locking device, which cannot be reopened and attached to another garment. In order to remove it, you either have to cut it off or break it, thus making it unusable.
Our expertise is related with Plastic Seal Tags , Metal Seals and Novelties items. There are available Rubber and P.V.C. Patches also in four colour as depend s on the requirement. We can produce any type of Plastic Accessories and products according to customer’s specification and serve them up to their satisfaction.

These Seal Tags are suitable for Apparels, Shoes, Purses, Suit Lengths, Shawls, Blankets, Quilts, Caps, Gloves and Fashion Accessories etc.
Presently, we are supplying to so many big brands, exporters and buying houses
if you are looking for the quality and in time service of a manufacturer house to fulfill your qualifying factors then please send us your distinguished enquiries about designing, coloring, matter and figuring of jobs from time to time which will take possession of our best and proper attention.

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